Randy Thomas
Educational Technology Consultant

I am an Educational Technology Specialist who Randy Thomas - Educational Technology Consultanthas worked with technology in the K-12 environment for over ten years. I have provided Professional Development for educators and administrators alike, helping them to seamlessly integrate technology into their classrooms and use the most modern and appropriate tools for teaching and learning.

I have a great passion for helping teachers help students. There are many different options when using technology in the schools. I am able to help focus school leaders and educators, ensuring they select the tools that best suit their individual school environments.

This website is dedicated to teaching and learning with technology at the K-12 level. Within these screens you will find resources for educators, administrators and students. Notes for workshops I have created and my Blog can also be found here. Please feel free to explore this site and bookmark anything you like.

Randy Thomas is a Google Certified TrainerI am available to provide customized professional development for schools, including live and online educator training, technology coaching and technology planning.

I love learning and teaching.  I love to share what I know with people and I love it when they share their knowledge with me. If you have an idea that you would like to share with me, please feel free to send it to me via my Contact Randy page.

Randy Thomas


Concept Maps in the Classroom

Concept Mapping in the Classroom Concept maps can be a great way to help students learn new concepts and connect ideas in the classroom.  Concept mapping can be one of those tools that both educators and students can use to demonstrate knowledge and organize  information it in different ways.  One time I was working with …

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Storybird is a great story writing tools K-12.

Storybird in the Classroom

The second tool in this series of BYOD tools is Storybird.  Storybird is a great and fun way to encourage students to write and work collaboratively.  Instead of writing a story, then adding the artwork, Storybird reverses the process.  In Storybird, you select a set of artwork from their list of options.  You then add …

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